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Gardiner Aerial Media

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Aerials Are Great For

  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Short Film and Cinema
  • Area Stock Footage Highlights
  • Photogrammetry Applications

We have extensive experience with flights for real estate highlighting homes, large estates, vacant lots and commercial properties. We have our Pilot Ground School certification and have been granted multiple one-time SFOCs before obtaining our standing SFOC for flights meeting certain conditions, within the Grey, Bruce and Simcoe counties.

We would love to work with you on your next project requiring aerial views in photo or video. We can record in 4K or slow motion 1080p and a variety of options in between. We can produce raw photos from the camera's sensor for detailed and accurate still photography.

What We Provide

We provide unique aerial views for a variety of projects, to clients across Ontario, Canada. We operate from Collingwood, Ontario and will travel for any aerial photo and video projects we are suitable for.

Our focus is on providing exceptional customer service, continuing a track record of safe flights and flying habits, and delivering high quality finished, or raw products base on our clients needs. We are a multi-faceted business, with knowledge and capabilities in the full production pipeline for marketing materials of any medium.

We make our rates flat for our most popular services so you can rely on us to fit within your budget.

More Information

Our aircraft is not meant to fly in temperatures below zero, in any precipitation, or strong or gusting winds.

All flights are subject to pilot's judgement of the conditions at time of flying, and suitability of the site.