some recent

of our Work

Examples of the aerial media work we are proud to call our own.

We have a variety of different applications for drone photography not shown here, please let us know if you have questions.

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Aerial for commercial real estate with graphic overlay showing shadow anchor properties
Log Cabin style of home in the wooded area
Ice shards viewed from a higher altitude
A scenic view in autumn overlooking the landscape and the beautiful water
Overhead view of a home in winter
Low and close aerial view of a home
Top down view of a private dock against bright blue colored water
low view across water towards a cabin
autumn view of farmland on sunny blue sky day
sunrise from the top of the escarpment on a private driveway
The view above a house nestled into the woods
Top down view showing a large waterfront property and a road nearby
Looking down at a river and trees from above
Graphic overlay to showcase estimated property boundaries on an aerial photo of a vacant lot
Colorful trees in autumn
Home blending into it's surroundings of snow, from above
Ice shards on the water frozen into patches
View over a trail in autumn
House in open fields
Farmhouse viewed close and low altitude